3 Sisters Midwifery & Birth Center

Our Story

It all started with a whisper.....

"you don't know it yet, but you were made to be a midwife".......

Those words were spoken over 13 years ago,

when the very word "midwife" had no real meaning to this group of women.

But fast forward to today, "midwife" means everything......to each one of us.

It is life, respect and trust.

It is choosing to live a life surrendered to God and with love and support for all areas of women's health.

Joycelyn Romero

CPM, LM, Clinic Director

Joycelyn is a lifelong learner who came to midwifery with the desire to serve women in all stages of health and childbirth. She is a Certified Professional Midwife with licensure from The North American Registry of Midwives, as well as the State of Texas. She also holds the Midwifery Bridging Certificate. Joycelyn continues to grow her education with rigorous programs such as:

          AAFP Family Centering Maternity

          Care Curriculum

         ALSO: Advanced Lifesaving Obstetrics

          The Midwife as First Assistant                            Curriculum

          Childbearing Year Herbs for Midwives,              Doulas and Birth Workers

          Herbal Medicine for Women                              Certification program

Joycelyn also holds a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in post-graduate psychology.

When Joycelyn is not working with her mothers she can usually be found gardening or working with animals. She is a dedicated supporter of her husband and children and a proud grandmother of 4 very active young boys and 2 beautiful granddaughters.

Bethaney Brown


Bethaney is a childbirth educator, a breastfeeding consultant, and a license Certified Professional Midwife. She is certified through national and state licensure, along with holding her Midwifery Bridging Certificate. She is also the proud mom of Jeremiah, Joshua, Jacob and sweet Norah Joan. Bethaney adores family life and is committed to her "moms" as much as her own family.

Initially, Bethaney followed in her father's footsteps and entered the world of pharmacy, as a technician. Once she had her first child out of hospital with a midwife, she heard her calling and decided to change careers. With care and meticulous study she has worked her way from doula, to childbirth educator, to breastfeeding consultant, and, finally, A MIDWIFE. Praise God her journey has been long and she was persistent!!

Bethaney is gifted in the area of teaching and is an amazing child birth educator, specializing in traumatic event resolution. She has recently passed that baton, now that she is busy accepting and caring for clients.

She is also a great expert in all things breastfeeding and is our in house go-to gal for any nursing issues. She has nursed all her children through tongue ties, mastitis, multiple pregnancies and midwifery school, (she was away for 1 month at a time while successfully pumping and nursing.)

 Amanda Boiles


Amanda is our advanced student midwife, with years of experience of love and babies. She is the proud mom of Rylee, Leevi, and Leeah Joy. Amanda is committed to building relationships with each client she serves. She has been studying midwifery for 4 years, and is continuing to hone her skills to the most proficient she can be.

Amanda and her family live in Whitney, TX, where her family pastors Abiding Life Church in love and grace. Her husband, Sean, is the associate pastor and her family has been there for 40 years serving the Whitney community.

Amanda's love for God is evident in her care for each and every family, including dads, sisters and brothers. She encourages and supports family first models of care.

Amanda believes God called her into the ministry of midwifery and her husband and family provides loves, care, and acceptance of her calling as a midwife. Her desire is to help women see what amazing things they are capable of, and to feel empowered by God's beauty and strength.

God willing, Amanda will receive her CPM, LM state licensure by 2020.

Our Assisting Team

Birth Assistants

Hanna O'Malley

Birth Assistant/Student Midwife

Hanna has a BA in English and planned on teaching special needs students. However, after the birth of her 1st child, she was drawn to midwifery and breastfeeding. After her home birth in September 2016, she knew without a doubt that midwifery was calling her, she then began attending births formally in March 2017 as a doula and received her Birth Assistant Certification from Mercy in Action in September 2017, along with her CPR, NRP and various midwifery skills training.

First and foremost, Hanna strives to support and empower women and families in her community. She connects quickly, creates lasting bonds with her clients, and ensures there is always an open line of communication for whatever needs may arise.

Kyla Swann

Birth Assistant

Kyla is a wife and mother from Moody, TX. Before assisting at births, she was a health and wellness coach. After her own supernatural childbirth (a book about Biblical methods of birthing support) experience, she was drawn to midwifery and birth. Her desire to support, empower, and encourage women during one of the most intimate and life changing times they will ever experience is beautiful and graceful.

Kyla holds a Master degree in Management and Leadership. She began attending births formally in 2017 as an assistant after receiving her Birth Assistant Certification from the acclaimed Mercy in Action program in September, along with completing her CPR, and NRP training.

Kyla is our humble, diligent prayer warrior, as she lifts up every momma, baby and family to the Lord, before, during and after birth.