3 Sisters Midwifery & Birth Center

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What We Do

3 Sisters Midwifery is called to minister with love, compassion, and safe midwifery care. We are focused on serving women all over the world and have partnered with New Life Birthing Centers to do just that!! We desire to follow Jesus' call "to go into all the world " to spread the gospel of love, through support and compassion. 

Therefore we:

Plant Birth Centers

It is our desire to open 20 birth center's worldwide. We currently have two, one located in Northern Ecuador and the other in Southern Ecuador. In the fall of 2019 we plan to open anther birthing center in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. We also partner with like minded birthing centers, offering medical supplies, volunteers and financial support. If this is something you are interested in please contact us.

Offer Free Care

 All of the care we provide is free of charge - to every women and baby.  In these countries  families are struggling to be able to afford basic necessities; by our ability to provide the women with free care, we ensure we are not taking away from the little they have. Quite often we are gifted by families with items such as chickens, fruits or homemade jewelry. This always makes us feel appreciated and loved!