3 Sisters Midwifery & Birth Center

Our Pregnancy/Birth/Postpartum Partners

Confidence. Trust. Results.

Dr.Cody and Dr.Peter

River City Wellness Chiropractic Care


Dr. Peter and Dr. Cody visit our clinic on rotating schedules twice per month. They are supportive of everything natural, and loving caring for our moms, babies, and families. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with them by calling


Gracie Arias, LMT

Massage Therapist


Gracie specializes in prenatal/postpartum care, focusing on those areas that need a certain touch to help a woman achieve the most efficient, effective, shortest labor possible.

Jaja Chen, LMSW


Care Specialist


Jaja is passionate about helping women heal from birth trauma, perinatal depression, and anxiety. In addition, Jaja enjoys walking alongside fellow helping professionals to process through and heal from secondary trauma and burnout.

Our Postpartum Partners

Postpartum Care at its Finest

Stephanie Nicholson

Certified Lactation Counselor, Bradley Educator 


Since 1992, Stephanie has been supporting families in the Waco, Temple and Killeen areas. As a Certified Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator and Doula, Stephanie strives to counsel families in pregnancy, birth, lactation and postpartum, as well as in their new roles as parents. She encourages them to understand their natural abilities and to trust the intuition that comes with mothering. Stephanie loves to walk with families through all of their "firsts", sharing her years of experience and wisdom.

This experience started with the cesarean birth of her first baby followed by five vaginal births at home and continued to grow her lifes purpose with each new baby and breastfeeding adventure.

Stephanie is a veteran homeschooling mom of 28 years that has graduated five successful children and continues to classically educate the sixth. She is involved in her local church, community and various organizations that share her passion and love of others.

Postpartum Doula Services of Waco

Postpartum Doula Care


We love the options/opportunities Postpartum Doula Service of Waco provide. We believe postpartum care is as instrumental to postpartum healing as midwifery care is to prenatal and labor success. Each and every doula Tonja employs has a heart to serve, support, and care for our mom's and babies.

Feel free to contact Tonja to set up an appt to interview a number of different doulas to find one who matches your family's needs.

Tonja Carpenter

Lactation Consultant


We provide breastfeeding/bottle-feeding support, act as a community resource referral source, educate the new family on various baby care techniques, process the birth experience with mother and father, encourage and support dad in his new role, encourage older siblings in their new role, run errands, cook light meals, and help organize the house by helping with the families laundry and very light housekeeping.

We also provide clinical management of breastfeeding concerns to help breastfeeding dyads overcome whatever challenges the breastfeeding dyad may face. Consultations by our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are provided in the home or in the clinic setting during the week or in the home on Saturdays. Our clinic is located inside the Waco Birth Center on Austin Ave. We will collaborate with your pediatrician to provide the best care for the needs of the breastfeeding dyad.