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Midwifery and Pediatric Care

Texas Midwifery Law defines a licensed midwife as a newborn provider for up to 6 weeks of care,

The law states:

"Midwifery" as the practice of:

 conducting a normal delivery of a child; and providing normal newborn care.

 "Newborn" means an infant from birth through the first six weeks of life.

 "Normal" means, as applied to  the newborn period, and as defined by commission rule, circumstances under which a midwife has determined that a client is at a low risk of developing complications.

In office we provide for parents:

Texas Newborn Screening

Hearing Screen

Sometimes our families need more support, so we provide referrals as needed.

  Our experience and values of full parental support in newborn choices has led us to collaboration

with the following like-minded providers:

Family Practice Physician

Dr. Ryan Fowler, MD

 Maternal Fetal Medicine

Austin Maternal Fetal Medicine - Killeen Branch


Dr. Ricky Mitchell - Killeen

If you are needing help finding the best provider for your family, please feel free to contact us and we will help you with your decisions based on YOUR desires for your family's health and wellness.

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