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Texas Law on Midwifery Scope of Care

Per Texas Law:

(6) "Midwife" means a person who practices midwifery and has met the licensing requirements established by this chapter and commission rules.

"Midwifery" means the practice of:

(A) providing the necessary supervision, care, and advice to a woman during normal pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period;

(B) conducting a normal delivery of a child; and

(C) providing normal newborn care.

(8) "Newborn" means an infant from birth through the first six weeks of life.

(9) "Normal" means, as applied to pregnancy, labor, delivery, the postpartum period, and the newborn period, and as defined by commission rule, circumstances under which a midwife has determined that a client is at a low risk of developing complications.

(10) "Postpartum period" means the first six weeks after a woman has given birth.

 Your Midwife must be LICENSED by the state:

(a) A person may not practice midwifery unless the person holds a license issued under this chapter.

(b) The department shall provide a license to each person who fulfills the licensing requirements.

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