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Combined Births


                Maternal/Fetal Death                  

          50​combined ​​

Years of Experience​​

Our Office Manager

Jen Maynard, Office Manager

In September 2021, Jennifer joined the 3 Sisters Midwifery staff as the Office Manager. She is so excited to meet all our amazing clients and help serve you. Jennifer will be taking on the administrative tasks at the clinic so feel free to reach out to her if you need anything!

Jennifer moved to Waco in 2005 to attend Baylor University. She graduated in 2009 with a BA in Community Health Education. After completing her internship at Care Net Pregnancy Center, she joined their staff as the Community Outreach Coordinator. During her time at Care Net, God grew her desire to love and serve moms during pregnancy and postpartum. When her first daughter was born in October of 2011, she began a new journey as a stay-at-home mom. Jennifer had 2 more girls and they are her greatest treasures- Addie (10), Hannah (7), and Chloe (3). God grew so much compassion in her heart for postpartum moms as she struggled with breastfeeding, tongue ties, colic, and sleep deprivation. There were so many people who encouraged and supported her through each postpartum struggle, and she felt that God would use these experiences to bring hope to someone else in the future. Jennifer had a natural birth in a hospital setting with a doula and then chose to have home births for her last 2 births and Joycelyn and Bethany were able to deliver her youngest. Her experience with 3 Sisters Midwifery was so beautiful and she felt so loved and supported! Outside of work, Jen homeschools her girls 2 days a week, enjoys being outside gardening, and playing with her girls.

Meet Our Midwives and Nurse Assistants

Kristie Bajer

RN, BSN, Advanced Student Midwife

After spending 10yrs in the 90’s working as a childbirth educator, labor coach and attending home births, Kristi returned to school to obtain her nursing degree. She spent the next 20yrs as an ER, L&D and home health nurse providing patient care before entering consulting and quality assurance. When grandbabies started to come, it rekindled her love for mommas, natural birth, and breastfeeding. Her wide-ranging experience is a great compliment to the 3 Sister's team. She is excited to be combining her nursing and midwifery skills to care for mommas while working towards her midwifery certification again. Kristi lives with her husband in the West/Abbott area. Together they have 8 grown children and 6 grandchildren with 2 more expected next spring.

Joycelyn Romero


Joycelyn came to midwifery with the desire to serve women in all stages of health and childbirth. She is a Certified Professional Midwife with licensure from The North American Registry of Midwives, as well as the State of Texas. She holds the Midwifery Bridging Certificate; and is also a preceptor for aspiring midwives. 

Joycelyn holds a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in post-graduate psychology. She is passionate about loving deeply, caring extravagantly, and boldly defending birthing autonomy for all races, as well as family health autonomy. She advocates for others where there is disparity of education.

Bethaney Brown


Bethaney is a childbirth educator, a breastfeeding consultant, and a licensed Certified Professional Midwife. She is certified through national and state licensure, along with holding her Midwifery Bridging Certificate. She is also the proud mom of Jeremiah, Joshua, Jacob, Norah Joan, and Naomi. Bethaney adores family life and is committed to her "moms" as much as her own family. Bethaney currently homeschools her children, while working part-time as a midwife and childbirth educator.

Anita Hernandez


Anita has been with 3 Sisters since the beginning of the birth center; supporting our staff and our clients. She holds a Certified Professional Midwife license through national and state licensure. She holds the Midwifery Bridging Certificate, as well as precepting students.

Anita is passionate about birth autonomy, birth disparities, and providing support for those who have none. She loves without reservation. She works on an as needed basis here in Waco, while focusing on our sister birth center in Killeen full time.

Anita lives with her husband, William and their children. 

Annual Continuing Education

AAFP Family Centering Maternity Care Curriculum

Mercy In Action Out of Hospital Emergencies

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