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"Chloe is 6 weeks old today and I’m reflecting on how grateful we are for the team of professionals that cared for us during my pregnancy and postpartum!

Joycelyn Romero and Bethaney Romero Brown with 3 Sisters Midwifery loved and cared for my whole family more than what I could have even hoped for! They loved, encouraged me, provided wise counsel, and were confident and peaceful care takers! Joycelyn included my girls in my care and now they want to be midwives when they grow up ☺️! Thank you for all of the time and heart you put into caring for Chloe and I (and our whole family)! If you are considering a home birth or birth center birth near Waco I highly recommend 3 Sisters Midwifery!"

I previously had 2 children in the hospital and the births were, thankfully, successful. But I always felt something in the experiences I had was lacking. The hospital environment always felt impersonal. And even after being with the same doctor for years people in the office never knew my name, when I went in because I was pregnant with my third child they had my files mixed up with someone else and thought I already had four kids. I felt deep down like healthcare could be empowering and not something that made me feel like a number. I went looking for a midwife without even knowing what would be involved - I had never known anyone who birthed outside the hospital. When I found Joycelyn it was amazing, she educated me about alternate birthing options, then nurtured and cared for me and my family throughout my pregnancy all the way to a home birth. The birth was one of the best moments of my life and I would not change a thing about it, I felt like it was the perfect welcome for our baby girl to the world. I hope to stay with 3 Sisters for my care as I have never felt healthier or more supported than I did which under their watch.

Anna Mitchael - Waco, TX

I was in central America 7 1/2 months pregnant and having to move to the states with no midwife or plan where the baby would be born. I found Joycelyn with the help of the internet and she was an answer to prayer! She is the calmest most reassuring midwife I could have asked for. The birth was a beautiful experience and the care she and her daughter Bethany gave was amazing!

Mirian Miller - Central America

Jocelyn, the owner, is one of the sweetest, welcoming, loving and most joyful women I have ever encountered. When my significant other and I found out she was pregnant she told me that she wanted to have a midwife and a home birth. At first I was skeptical and hesitant. That is until I met Jocelyn. She was very upfront, honest, and understanding of all my questions and concerns. Jocelyn made it a point to include me as much as I wanted to be included in the pregnancy, which was a lot.

She made sure that I received education on what was going on and what was going to happen. She took time out of her day to talk to me on the phone if something was happening with my fiance that I didn't understand or know how to handle. If she didn't know the answer immediately to a question, she would find out and get back with me.

Jocelyn made me feel confident that the care we received was not only stellar but also very personal.

I realized we made the right choice with Jocelyn though when my fiance went into labor at home and she was unable to make it to us in time to participate in the birth. I was able to call Jocelyn and she calmly walked me through being able to help birth our daughter. Her ability to tell me exactly what was happening and what I needed to do made it feel like she was in the room and I was just standing in as a proxy for her.

The icing on the cake for me, was the aftercare we received from Jocelyn in the "4th trimester". Jocelyn went above and beyond to help us. She would stop by to see how things were going, check on mom and baby, and help us tidy up the house. If you are looking for a midwife, look no further than Jocelyn Romero, and 3 Sisters Midwifery. Their commitment to a positive pregnancy and birth experience are unrivaled.

Pat Huxen - Temple, TX

I met Jocelyn in October of 2015 and knew immediately I had found a kindred spirit. This was my second pregnancy, my first ended tragically in a stillbirth, so I had some special needs, concerns and fears, but I desired more than anything to have an empowered and joy filled birthing experience. With Jocelyn and Bethaney by our side for the journey, Pat and I were able to fulfill that dream. Our beautiful blessing Harper Wren came safely earth side on May the 13th 2016. The support and guidance provided by our expert midwives throughout my pregnancy was invaluable. They have also given us fantastic post partum support(a blessing as new parents). If you are seeking a truly special experience with fantastic support and guidance Jocelyn and Bethaney will provide it.

Brittany Marks - Temple, TX

My home birth with Joycelyn was such a beautiful experience. This was my first time giving birth and I am so happy I chose a home birth. Joycelyn was AMAZING!!! She is such a gifted midwife and I thank God that he sent her to me. I also took hypnobirthing classes with her daughter, Bethany. Since it was my first time giving birth I was very anxious. Bethany helped calm my fears and taught me helpful tools that made me calm and present at the birth of my son. I cannot recommend this group of women enough! I will definitely be using them again with my future pregnancies.

Bethany Busby - Waco, TX

I used them for my newest baby and loved every second of my care. I had a perfect home birth thanks to these ladies. From the prenatal and birth, to postpartum I couldn't have asked for better midwives. I will certainly use them again if we have another baby.

Suzanne McDaniel - Mt. Calm, TX

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